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Police Dep.


Police Department

Tihis building was completely reviewed and many detail were ading to make it even more playable and fun to build.

Police men are busy, and crime does not pay. In the headquarter the police on duty busted a criminal trying to still a ice-cream, wile another criminal is putting in jail  accused for the bank assault. After registration on her computer, the police women drinks her soda and calm down the arrested man, they have the right to a phone call and a photo will be taken before they will go to prison awaiting to their audience in the court of law. Police chieff is analisins a documment with his magnifier wile drinks his cofee.

In the first floor in the brand NEW Laboratory Police investigates de DNA and fingertips from criminals, wile the colleague is doing exercise, they will play a table football game afterwards.


My LEGO® building


At the entry we can find parked a police bike and a plant, wile a Police man and Police Dog are ready for duty. Following the stair trough the entry we will meet the reception equipped with a phone for the prisoners a desk with computer and a tin of soda, on the back of the desk there are some shelves with the pastes. At the entry there is a fire extinguisher and down the stairs there is a Police chef desk well equipped with his magnifier and fire arms cabinet. On the right hand side there is a place specified for taken pictures with the measuring table on the back. Just in front there is a small jail to attend Police headquarters needs while the criminals are awaiting to be presented to judge.Stairs are well signed with zebra sign to avoid accidents.

On the first floor there is a gym equipped with weights bench, karate matt and a table football to pass the time at long hours at night.

Also on first floor we can find a NEW laboratory to investigate all the facts from crime. In the back there is a emergency exit with stairs witch have access to the roof to maintain the communications running, and in the roof there is a NEW  helicopter pad.

My LEGO® constructions


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