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I recently built this version of the Shinkansen passenger train in Japan. It is not any particular verision, but it is what I call my own take on a famous high speed train.

Someday, I wanted to step up my Lego train theme here on Lego Ideas, so that's exactly what I did. I wanted to build something different that I've never built before. This creation is what I came up with: a Lego Shinkansen.

This Lego Shinkansen is 979 pieces. It has Power Functions compatibility. (Hooray!) To capture the realistic look of the Shinkansen, I used airplane cockpit pieces for each locomotive. Unlike most of my train related models, this train set has an 8-stud width. Each car has a lifting roof for easy access. There are no minifigures included in this set... as of right now.

Like I said in the beggining, this is my own take of the Shinkansen. I wanted to build this in my own way, but yet, I still wanted to capture the authentic Shinkansen look.

Fun-fact about Shinkansen trains: The word "Shinkansen" (新幹線) is a Japanese word for "Bullet Train."

Thank you for viewing my project! If you would like something more to be included in this project, please, let me know. Or if something is wrong with this project, I can fix it. Farewell for now! By cheesy. 7/27/2017

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