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Doctor Who: Farewell, Ponds

"Oh I always rip out the last page of a book. Then it doesn't have to end. I hate endings!" - The Doctor


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NOTE: The set as shown here is not necessarily representative of the final project.

Yowza! This is one heck of a Lego set concept!

It is, of course, based off of Amy and Rory's final episode, The Angels Take Manhattan. I feel like this moment is an iconic piece of the new series and is a great choice to represent the series and be recreated in Lego.

I tried to make this TARDIS a bit unique from the others. Of course there's not much you can do externally to make it unique, so I had to look for something internally. Unfortunately Lego TARDIS'S (TARDIS'I?) aren't actually bigger on the inside and there's not much you can do for playability in such a small place. Aesthetically there's a few things that could work, but they'd all be hidden when the TARDIS doors were closed. Then it hit me...a sound brick!

Yup, that's right. Every time you press down all the lamp on top of the TARDIS you hear that familiar "Whoosh!" letting you know your favourite Doctor is on the way!

Realistically, the set would be about 200-300 pieces and cost about $20-$35.

The included minifigures would be the Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond/Williams, and a Weeping Angel.

"Afterword by Amelia Williams: Hello, old friend. And here we are. You and me, on the last page. By the time you read these words, Rory and I will be long gone. So know that we lived well and were very happy. And above all else, know that we will love you always. Sometimes I do worry about you though. I think once we're gone you won't be coming back here for awhile. And you might be alone. Which you should never be. Don't be alone, Doctor. And do one more thing for me. There's a little girl waiting in a garden. She's going to wait a long while, so she's going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she's patient, the days are coming that she'll never forget. Tell her she'll go to see and fight pirates. She'll fall in love with a man who'll wait two thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she'll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived. And save a whale in outer space. Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends."

Thanks you for your support! This is a work in progress so turn towards the comment section for suggestions, keep checking back for more updates, and PLEASE share with other people that might be interested!

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