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Speciality Brick Box

This project is to build a speciality brick box for Adult LEGO fans, akin to the childens regular mixed brick sets. However, a high number of speciality bricks (ie. 1 for relatively uncommon types but common enough to be in main production, eg. plates with vertical and horizontal hinges and clips, levers, antennae, sticks, , 3-5 for average common types (arches, roof tiles, all SNOT parts), 10-20 for more regular plates, tiles, 1xn and 2xn bricks) should be in a single box.

These boxes would be color sorted (I would think that tan, gray, brown, white would be very famous for MOC house builders), and available in regular stores - whenever one wants to finish a project quick and doesn't want to wait for BL delivery.

Currently, (red) roof tiles, windows and doors are featured similarily..

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