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Science Fiction Classic - Space Pod Odyssey


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 “Don’t miss watching a spacecraft escape from forbidden doom planet. When family getting lost in space at the hearts of Andromeda. Meeting a strange doctor … who traveling time in his phone booth, delivers an important package to a princess beyond the star with a farm boy and pirate try stopping the empire’s war. Join us in this Science Fiction Classic - The Space Pod Odyssey.” If you think it sound likes old cheesy theater trailer. You might be right.

 From early 20’s silent film robot girl to the late 90’s man eating DNA dinosaur. The beginning generate computer light cycles chase to laughing the special effects ghost busting by those scientists. Custom monster stomp toy cities, international rescue puppets, or catching a digital electric mouse. These are inspired by a classic books, television shows, movies, animations, video games and also toys. 

 My ideas are very simple, building a traditional set that dedicate to the original Sci-Fi / Fantasy pioneers.

What is your first favorite classic film do you remember?


  • Spaceman /  Classic male space suit
  • Spacewoman / Classic female space suit

Building Construct Parts:

  • Classic Space Pod
  • Home Base 07
  • The Robot

Features The Space Pod: A one man crew vehicle with radar, sonar, standing tripod and power by proton energy cell.

  • Removable Roof
  • Open / Close Air Hatch Door
  • Fold  Ladder
  • Seating only one mini

Features Home Base or Station Base: Outpost any planets, room and space for explorers and robot to work in. 

  • Removable Radar Roof
  • Open / Close Air Hatch Door and Walls
  • Also Sleeping / Workers Quarter (Room include a bed and computer work station.)


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