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The Phantom


   I have been designing lego cars and vehicles over the past 5 years and want to greatly introduce you to my new 2017 Phantom motorbike. It started off with 2 wheels and a flat base, but using my imagination I was able to transform it into a futuristic ad unique design.

   The motorbike measures at around nine inches long, and the front end leaves the ground at about 2 cm, and the back end of the vehicle leaves the ground at about 4cm. The big wheel is added in for cool looks as well as stability when you roll it across the room. It also has 2 cannons that shoots, dual engine on the side, and cool looking pipes.

    I built this project because I've been interested in designing cars, but I also wanted to take it a step further: to make an ultimate motorbike that is stable and fast when you roll it across the room, cool looks, and lastly has a futuristic design. I was happy about how I designed it, and would like the lego community to see it too. 

   I believe this would be a great lego set because it fits the lego genre. It is awesome, creative, and gives people an imaginative time to play around with, which is what I have experienced when playing with lego sets. Thank you for checking out my creation!




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