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Haunted Mansion Theme (Part 1)

The original Haunted Mansion opened at Disneyland California on August 9, 1969.
The main set in the Haunted Mansion theme would be the exterior building. The one I made(above) is made up of 2,188 pieces. However, the final version will probably have more or less. One of my favorite features is the chimneys, they are made out of the newer 2x1 pieces that have the indentations that makes them resemble a piece of a brick house.
While building this set, I referred to an actual picture of the building to make sure I got all the details in there. The price of the building could be anywhere between $100 and $200. Being that my set has about the same number of pieces as the modular buildings (i.e. the Green Grocer and Town Hall) it would more likely cost about $150.The Hitchhiking Ghosts pictured below will be a relatively small set. The average cost would probably be about $10-$30. I think that this would probably be the most popular set, knowing that they are the most popular characters from the Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Mansion Graveyard:
Characters are:
Caretaker and his dog, the singing busts, the minstrel band, playful phantoms, opera singers, the hitchhiking ghosts, tea party ghosts, the mummy, old man ghost, the knight, and the executioner.

Here is the ballroom(AKA the "Swinging Wake"): includes the ballroom dancers, Russian roulette duelers, chandelier ghosts, the organist, the playful phantoms(top right), and the party guests.
Average cost: $100-$150

Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!
$20-$30 set including these three minifigures and their display.

Here is the infamous Hatbox Ghost from the original attraction.
This minifigure would probably come in a $5-$15 set depending on what he comes with (attic furniture/ junk, the bride). This would probably be one of the most popular sets in the series because this character is a fan-favorite.

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