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Ocean Worlds


Hi Everyone! 

Yes that's right... these beautiful ocean ecosystems are back! Ocean Worlds features three incredible habitats: a Coral Reef, a Kelp Forest, and a deep sea Hydrothermal Vent. With your help, I believe that this project could make an excellent addition to LEGO's line of products as it's playable, decorative, and very educational. With its artistic approach, it would make a great display for all builders. Plus, it's a great way to decorate classrooms. After all, who doesn’t like to make LEGO building "educational"?

Thank you everyone for checking out Ocean Ecosystems! Please consider supporting. I really appreciate all of your feedback am happy to answer any questions. You can find more details on each scene below.'

Coral Reef: There are several species in this scene, but I will mention the most noticeable ones: Brain Coral (this was an interesting one for me to build, see if you can spot it in the image), Tube Sponges, Tube Worms (both fanned out and in their burrows), Giant Green Sea Anemones, Blue Tangs, a green eel, and a Whitetip Reef Shark. This scene includes a diver (with chrome silver camera) that can also be used in the kelp forest. I would not recommend having him swim in the Hydrothermal scene (due to extreme pressure and heat)!

Kelp Forest: I think that this is my most favorite of the three scenes, as I have always enjoyed the look of an enormous kelp forest swaying with the tide. It contains realistic kelp that has the ability to "sway" thanks to palm tree parts, and they have enough space between the stalks for a diver to explore. It has a couple of Lobsters, Clams, and two species of Rockfish.

Hydrothermal Vent: A hydrothermal vent is basically a deep sea volcano that continually emits clouds of gas into the ocean depths. This in turn supports bacteria, which is the primary food source for sea creatures living around the vents. This scene includes Galatheid Crabs, Sea Stars, and lots of Giant Tube Worms! This is a very unique ecosystem, as it supports life that is completely independent of energy from the sun. In this model, the very back of the vent has a "crack" that shows what the interior looks like. This scene also includes a deep sea probe with a light and camera.

This project is an official resubmission of Ocean Ecosystems. Thank you all for your previous support! You made this possible. This renewed project is dedicated to you  :)

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