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Wolfpack Lair

“Nestled deep within the emerald embrace of an ancient forest, the castle stands as a lonely and somewhat mystical sentinel of the Wolfpack. The castle emerges from the trees, perched majestically upon a rugged rock at the edge of the forest, where the woods meet the sea. As the waves cradle the sleek vessels of the Wolfpack robbers, these elusive marauders ride tide and road  into distant kingdoms, their reputation as master thieves preceding them like whispers on the wind, leaving a trail of intrigue and trepidation in their wake.”

Welcome to the realm of the Wolfpack renegades, where ancient secrets and legendary thieves come to life in this captivating LEGO set! Immerse yourself in a world of medieval fantasy as you build and play with the infamous Wolfpack faction and their ominous lair.

With the recent announcement of the Medieval Town Square and the success of the LEGO Castle reboot, we are craving for the return of a fan favourite: the Wolfpack faction. This set is a reinterpretation of the LEGO Wolfpack tower from 1992, with set number 6075-1. 

The set consists of just over 2000 pieces and features 6 minifigures:
  • Two Wolfpack soldiers
  • One Wolfpack archer
  • One Wolfpack master thief
  • One Wolfpack robber Chief and his wife

A bridge leads through a first gate, over the rocky pavements into the main castle. The castle sits on a rock formation and has a waterfront gate that allows little boats to enter the caves hidden beneath the castle floors. The waterfront gate can be opened and closed by a system of gears from inside the main hall of the castle. Hidden away in the caves are a prison and a storage room in which the robbers store much of their stolen ware.

The upper floor of the main tower is removable, just as the roof that sits atop of it. This highly decorated room is the bedroom and study room from which the robber Chief and his Lady plan all their mischievous undertakings. Lots of treasures and stolen goods, obtained from numerous raids, are lying scattered through the castle.

The Wolfpack Lair captures the essence of medieval fantasy, providing a unique building experience and endless opportunities for imaginative play. This set appeals to LEGO fans who love epic adventures, intricate designs, and the nostalgia of classic castle themes.

Let's bring this enchanting realm to life together – vote for the Wolfpack Castle, and let the adventure begin!

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