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Taco Truck


This 260 piece set includes 1 truck, 2 minifigures, and a picnic table. The first minifigure is a little boy. The other one is the taco truck driver. The truck has a sign on the side of it that says the menu. There's also a giant sign on the roof shaped like a taco. The top of the truck can be taken off so you can see the inside, and the windshield-wipers can be moved up and down.

If you want to drive, you can fold down the sun flap on the side, and put the guy in the front seat. The truck is 23 Lego studs long, and 6 wide. And the picnic table is 6 Lego studs long and 4 Lego studs wide. I really think this would make a good set and hope you like it too. Thanks!

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