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The Walking Fortress


" Finally, our mage combined hearth of the stone giant, with one of our watchtowers. Now we have a chance to get across the Wilderness. But we have to stay focused. Every night I hear the roars of cyclops, the cries of Sandbird and the laugh of Bandits. I feel that soon we will run across them. And it won't be pleasant for either of us... "


Welcome to my new project which is the walking fortress. The build contains fortress with 6 fully equipped minifigures, a small desert field with 3 minifigures and a small build of the Sandbird. All of the designs were created entirely by me. My only inspirations was a dream that I recently had, and a Luggage from Discworld (I have included his minifigure as an Easter egg ;p ). Tower has 10 main legs and 6 supportive legs, all of which are fully moveable in many directions. The build has many play features - one of the walls can be detached easily, so you can get to fully equipped interior. 

Minifigures in this set are:


  •  Mage with his raven
  •  Two guardians of the gate
  •  The Luggage ( very rare and loyal creature)
  •  Gunner
  •  Watchman
  •  Capitan
  •  Bandit with chain
  •  Sandbird rider (Bandit) and Sandbird
  •  Cyclops
  •  Cool Lizard (It is really cool)

All of them have unique accessories and designs.

I think this would be a great set for children to play, for collectors to set into a display, and for animators, to include in their movies.

Remember to leave a support and follow my project! Thanks for all your help.

Have fun building!

Build contains 963 bricks, and was made by LDD.


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