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Modular Comedy Club


"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die" - Mel Brooks

I've recently become quite the fan of stand up comedy. I've seen countless specials and have become infatuated with the world of comedy.

Because of my love of both stand up comedy and LEGO, I've been trying for a little over a year to combine the two. Now, finally, I have built a model worthy of sharing. Enjoy!

The model.

The two-floored comedy club is composed of 2968 bricks and features a stage, front desk, and ground floor and balcony seating that can accomadate up to twenty-two minfigures. The model also features:

  • Printed "Open Mic Night" sign.
  • Four garbage cans and a dumpster.
  • A printed "Comedy Club"sign.
  • A fire escape.
  • A roof-top air conditioning unit.

The minifigures.

Let me start by saying, not all minifigures need to be included. The minifigures image I added has 25 minifigures. Needless to say, that is a bit excessive. The twenty-two audience members were only included to fill seats. The amount of minifigures could easily be cut down quite a bit!

All that aside, the minifigures featured are:

  • One comedian with microphone, stool, and water bottle.
  • Two club employees (one to work the desk, one to take tickets outside).
  • Twenty-two audience members (several printed tickets are included).

Now, getting to 10,000 supporters will be incredibly difficult. Sharing the project on social media will be a big help!

You can follow my Twitter page, @jmjt4_lego, for project updates and building instructions.

Finally, I'd like to say thank you to anyone who takes the time to look at this project. I truly enjoy building and sharing LEGO models and your support really means a lot to me.

"Thank you, and goodnight!" - Every comedian ever.

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