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The Lord of the Rings - The Crack of Doom


     One of the greatest scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy was the destruction of the ring. This was the climax of the series and happened in a setting that appeared three times in the trilogy. So, when the Lego Lord of the Rings line of sets never made this scene, it seemed like the theme was incomplete. However, I have recreated this scene in Lego to make it as accurate as I could.

    This set shows the Crack of Doom, the only place the One Ring can be destroyed. It includes three minifigures: Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and Gollum. The set includes the entrance-with the appropriate detailing in the front and back-and the bridge, in which Gollum falls off with the Ring after seizing it from Frodo. The set includes roughly 800 pieces.

    This set would be a nice playset or display for any Lego Lord of the Rings fan. It could also be used for the creating of the Ring (with a Sauron minifigure) or after the Battle of the Last Alliance when Elrond tells Isildur to destroy the Ring (with Isildur and Elrond minifigures).

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