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Seaside Fish Market


Need fresh seafood on the spot? Go to the local Lego City Fish Market. I designed my Lego Fish Market on Lego Digital Designer or LDD. It includes a cobble stone street made from mix matching dark bluish gray and light bluish gray 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 round tiles. Also a storage shed to the side hold all the fish and crab that come in. The actual market is made to look like tents. Brown containers under the tents can hold fish and crab and are clipped on the back so they can move up and down. On the side of the shed there is a bit of seaside decor with a ships wheel and anchor with a fish. It comes with a good selection of silver and sand green fish. Also a good selection of red and dark red crab. The whole set sits on the 48 by 48 dark bluish gray base plate. Thanks for checking out my Lego idea.  

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