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Terrarium Life. Thelyphonida: The Giant Whip Scorpion.


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Thelyphonida is an arachnid order comprising invertebrates commonly known as whip scorpions or vinegaroons (also spelled vinegarroons and vinegarones). They are often called uropygids in the scientific community based on an alternative name for the order, Uropygi (which may then also include the order Schizomida). The name "whip scorpion" refers to their resemblance to true scorpions and possession of a whiplike tail. "Vinegaroon" is based on their ability when attacked to discharge an offensive liquid which contains acetic acid, producing a vinegar-like smell.

I wanted to create this set in order to make you discover this unusual insect. For my part, chance wanted me to discover it in the Ottawa Museum of Natural Art.
So I did a little research and realized that this insect is very popular in the field of terrariophilia.

I told myself why not create it in a terrarium where we could put it into scene. I would like to mix fun with knowledge and even discovery.

The giant whip scorpion is really well articulated thanks to the multiple joints it has. The cricket is relatively basic but also very well articulated. And in terms of the presented decor, it is only a suggestion of presentation. With the 1200 pieces that make up the interior of the terrarium, it is up to you to follow my set-up or create another one.
My project counts in total 2065 pieces.

I hope that the presentation of my project appealed to you and that I can count on your vote so that one day we might be able to see this project become a reality.

I have other projects currently available on Lego ideas, do not hesitate to take a look on my personal page, vote and follow me :)

Thanks for giving me some of your time!


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