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Laser Guided Catapult-on-a-Truck


Ever wondered what happens when you combine the medieval castle catapult with a state of the art laser guidance system?  well a much more accurate catapult! 
bring down the enemy and take down those castle walls by hurling giant rocks at them with this awesome, semi-automatic, eco-friendly (rocks!) piece of modern medieval machinery! 

When the enemy comes charging on the other hand, you can defend yourself with the included halberd, or sword located at the side of the truck (for easy access)! if not, running away with the truck is also an option!

This set comes with:

  • A truck with 4 wheels
  • 3 fine cut medieval stones
  • A Knight
  • A Sword
  • A Halberd
  • A Radio/walkie talkie
  • A Scope for determining targets
  • A laser guided medieval catapult system with radar and release lever*

*Note: Set does not come with motorized power functions or an actual accurate laser, catapult is still operated by rapidly pushing down on the other end of catapult which sends the projectile flying through the air. Also, accuracy comes from user aim as the catapult pivots 360 Degrees (just like the medieval times)


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