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Pawnee City Hall - Parks and Recreation


Treat yo'self to the home of the Parks Department - Pawnee City Hall

My objective was to capture the gorgeous architecture of the Pawnee City hall (which in reality is Pasadena City Hall in California), whilst also unleashing the fun which oozes from one of my favourite TV shows - Parks and Recreation.

From the front, it’s strictly business whether you have it displayed fully open or compact closed guise, I’d tried to replicate all the ornate details of what is a truly magnificent building.

Turn it around and the minifigure scale fun is unleashed. Inside there’s Leslie's office, the conference room and poor Jerry sat on his own as usual.

Andy is giving his iconic open mouthed look of shock at the head of the table.

There’s two removable scenes which are seated perfected and discreetly out of the way when the set is closed. 

The first is one of my favourite moments of the show where Tom and Donna take Ben along on one of their “Treat Yo Self” days. This diorama is just before Ben goes into the changing room, and I think we all know who he comes out as.

The second scene has a tongue in cheek twist to it. On the show, Ron is in a hardware store when an employee inquires whether he’s working on a specific project/ needs and help, to which Ron responds “I know more than you”

Having been an adult LEGO Collector and an active member of the online LEGO community for many years, I could see many similarities and how it would be a fun but suitable change to have Ron shopping in a LEGO store instead, but giving the same response.

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Set includes:

Pawnee City Hall which  opened to reveal a detailed interior
Two removable iconic scenes
11 Minifigures (10 main cast Characters and 1 LEGO Store Employee)

Leslie Knope
Ron Swanson
Andy Dwyer
April Ludgate
Ann Perkins
Ben Wyatt
Tom Haverford
Donna Meagle
Chris Traeger
Jerry Gergich

Set Information:

The set is 2468 parts including the 11 minifigures. 

Fully open, it measures 11.8” (30cm) high, 20.8” (52.8cm) wide and 6.3” (16cm) deep.

Closed, it measures 11.8” (30cm) high, 13.5” (34.2cm) wide and 8.1” (20.6cm) deep.

Thank you for your support and consideration, and I’d love to know what you think in the comments.

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