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Lego Studio Set


And action! Make you own movie with the Lego Studio Set. Have all those special effects you want by using the green screen or maybe have a sunny day or a rainy day. The minifigs are, the star, the two camera men, the audio guy and of course the director. Big headlights help set the light in the sceen.

The movie sceen is about a car running out of a tunnel when the engine suddenly explodes!

The set is highly detaild (specially the camera) and has alot of fun playabilities. The set is made to be taken apart so you can make your own movie sceen (not take off the bricks, but to take of parts of the set). On the right side we have a desert enviroment and on the right a open field enviroment. On the desert  side we have a cactus and a small mountain and on the open field side we have flowers and a house.

Please support and help this set reach 10 000 supporters!

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