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Robinson Crusoe Island


I saw on TV the Robinson Crusoe movie, this was the idea to create
a small scene of the island with the hut, Robinson Crusoe and Friday.

The number of bricks I used for the model is 730.
Pictures say more than 1000 words, look at the images ...

I create the project  with mecabricks and rendert the images with "Cinema4D".

Thanks for your support!

This project could become an official Lego set if it gathers 10,000 votes. Voting is easy, free and without any obligation, you just have to press the blue button "Support". If you do not have an account on LEGO Ideas, you must register, you will receive an email to activate your account and then you can already vote. Also you can help a lot by sharing the idea in Facebook and Twitter with your friends and invite them to vote.

Hop you enjoy my project and support / share to make this Island come through

Kind regards


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