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Waterfall in Nature


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Sometimes, it's good to get away from all the noise of life and find a quiet place to relax. If your quiet enough, and you take time to look, you might find something beautiful. For this build, I wanted not only to create a waterfall, but also to create the sounds and beauties of nature. You will see the colorful fall trees, along with the forest animals. A soaring hawk, an owl, and an opossum with some squirrels are making this forest their home. You may see a rabbit, looking for food. If you are quiet enough, you may see a buck emerge from the forest for a drink of water. Fish jump in and out of the streaming water. There are also stepping stones that can help you cross the river to continue your adventure. The A-frame cabin set can even connect to this build, through the holes on the side. This build includes:
  • 1,146 pieces
  • ten animals and a spider (including a brick-built buck with cowboy pistons for the back legs and handcuffs for the antlers as well as a opossum, two squirrels, one rabbit, and owl, a hawk, a hedgehog, and two fish)
  • one minifigure
  • Lots of trees with of red and yellow leaves
  • a large amount of the dark blue and clear 1x2 pieces
  • a magnificent waterfall

I originally built this build for the contest, "An Escape, A Reset, in the A-Frame Cabin". I think this would be a great set too because not many waterfalls have been made sets. So next time you're out in nature, take time to look at its beauties. I hope you like this build and see if you can find ten hidden animals and a spider in it.

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