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Castle Chess Set

This castle-themed chess set features a decorative base with an interior that provides storage for the pieces, and adds imaginative playability beyond the game of chess. The playing pieces are minifigure-based, with a core black-and-white color scheme and gold and silver accent accessories — creative yet recognizable interpretations of the pieces — Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights, Rooks and Pawns.

Designed for a wide audience: fans of classic Lego Castle sets, lovers of minifigures, and of course chess enthusiasts young and old — skilled players and those new to the game. I play with my seven-year-old who has become surprisingly good at chess, and my five-year-old waits for us to capture and discard the pieces so he can play with them off to the side (while learning the basic moves pieces can make as he watches us play).

Leave the pieces attached to their spaces for display, or press the simple release buttons in the corners to lift the chess board plate from the castle base, revealing a decorative interior that provides storage for the pieces (take it out and about!) and also adds another level of functionality for those who don't quite grasp the rules of chess just yet, but love to play castle!

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