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Majora's Mask


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From The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D comes this scale model of Clock Town.

In the game Link stumbles upon this town while in search for the Skull Kid to find that he has just 3 days to save it from the moon plummeting towards it. Many of the quests are centred around this location and the inhabitants living there and the player gets to know a great deal about the town over the course of the game.

I tried to get as many details as I could into it's design and as shown in the pictures all the main districts are included. East Clock Town (3), North Clock Town (4), West Clock town (5) and The Laundry Pool (7). In the centre stands the iconic clock tower with a printed clock face (8). 

Realising that it is unlikely for a model of this size to ever be produced in a set I designed a smaller version (9), (10), (11).

The larger scaled model contains 1086 bricks and the smaller scaled model contains 437.

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