Product Idea

Spore Tribal Stage

This set is modeled after a popular game called Spore. Spore is a game based on the theory of evolution. In the game you start as a cell and advance to creature, then tribal, then civilization, and finally space stage. My set is obviously created to be the tribal stage.


This set is a highly detailed model of a spore creature's tribal stage. The set includes four detailed characters (that are not Minifigures)  a chieftain, a gatherer, a baby, and a domesticated creature. It is the perfect set for any spore Lego fan. With accurate detail and 1,345 pieces this set is a must have!


1. A Main Herbivore Hut

2. A Fish Market 

3. A Healing Tent

4. A Fancy Fire pit

5. A Table/Totem pole

6. Four Detailed Characters

7. Many Different accessories and cool pieces


1. A Chieftain Staff, Gathering Staff, And Maraca

2. Two Gathering Platters, A Peach, A Piece of seaweed, Three Fish, And An Egg

3. Four Detailed Tribal Masks (with accessories.)

4. Different types of medicine

5. Two Fishing Poles, A Fishing Spear, And Two Water Pots

6. A Container Of Red Spice

7. A Tribal Nest With An Egg