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Gamestop Retail Store

As long as I can remember I played video games. Acquiring those games meant a trip to my local GAMESTOP! More than gaming I've always been drawn to Lego. I love building, sorting, organizing, collecting and recently designing with lego! I'm a gamer and an AFOL (adult fan of lego). I really enjoy the lego modular buildings and have constructed my own city with them as well as some other fun builds. That city was lacking an iconic video game store and so I built my own gamestop modeled after my local retail gametop stores. I built it with modular buildings in mind so it could fit right in with your city or be a stand alone store if you just like the STORE. I used printed tiles to represent games, controllers, and minifig torsos for tee shirts. It features a brick built sign, several minifig shoppers, and a store clerk. I hope you enjoy my build. CHEERS everybody!

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