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The Any-House


Welcome to the Any-House! A place where you and your friends could meet, have fun, and dance on a colorful checkered floor. You and your friends can have meetings on the first floor. But when you dance, head outside on the rooftop where you can enjoy a fun night. But its not only that that makes this Any-House special. The Any-House can be anything! It can be a diner, a dance studio, a clubhouse, a store, an office, even a house itself! You can turn this house into anything for your lego friends. Just use your imagination.

What gave me the idea of this set was houses in general. Wondering what house I wanted to create, I decided to create the Any-House. I decided to make two colorful floors, one on the first floor and another on the roof. I also added a porch that goes all the way around the house with stairs at the entrance and stairs to go on the roof. Lastly, I added tables and barrels for inside detail, and two bay windows in the back. I created this set on LDD and it contains 992 pieces. Don't forget to support and thank you!

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