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Lego Fun Fair Dodgems


Hello everyone and here is my idea for Lego Dodgems. 


After working in a theme park previously I have seen the amount of fun adults and children have on the dodgems and this gave me the idea to try and incorporate some of that fun into a Lego set which brought me to this idea as well as the existing fun fair models Lego has already produced. 


In this model I have gone for a bright, consistent colour scheme as rides like this usually look like in real life and have tried to make it look as close to the real thing as possible with the use of a ticket booth, ticket barrier, flags and lights on the roof supports as well as the design of the dodgem cars themselves along with the minifigures and their accessories. Little features include and turning ticket barrier, a smooth arena floor which the carts can move around easily and also the addition of a removable roof which makes playing with the set much easier.


I think this would make a great playset for those that collect these sorts of models and younger children as they are most likely to love going to theme parks and going on rides like this and the abilities to play against family and friends with this set makes it a great set for families to enjoy together. Also, at 1022 pieces the set is not small and I would imagine to have a not so long, but fun building experience for the 1 person, parents and children or whoever it may be. 


This concludes my Lego Idea and I hope you like it and agreed with my description. I would love all of your support to get this set (or concept) recognised and thank you for reading. Everything is awesome! Including you!


Thank you







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