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The MASK : Stanley IPKISS' Apartment


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Released in 1994, "THE MASK" traces the journey of Stanley IPKISS (Jim CARREY), a common bank employee passionate about the world of cartoons and Tex Avery. One evening, he finds a mask endowed with supernatural powers revealing and exaggerating the personality of its owner. Every time he wears it, he becomes THE MASK, a wacky, self-confident, and resourceful character who makes the headlines.

In 2019, the film celebrated its 25th anniversary.



Made up of 1523 bricks and 3 minifigures, the size of this set remains compact, despite a multitude of details from the film. Some elements that we find in the film like, the VHS "Screwball classics 2", the newspaper article on the Coco Bango, the cushion "TAZ" on the sofa, the bag and the banknotes stolen in the cupboard, give authenticity to this set. They make it easily identifiable.

The rotation of the two armchairs and of certain modular elements, makes it possible to simulate the mess caused by the first two transformations of the MASK. The living room is turned upside down. The game is only more dynamic.

Milo is also included in this project!

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