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Lego City: Future Home


Welcome to your new home! This City set is a modern version of classic Lego homes like #6374. Drive your electric vehicle into the driveway and plug it into the recharging station. Grab a cold drink and relax in front of the flat-screen television or tend to the vegetable patch in the front yard. Power to the house is supplied by a solar panel array and twin micro wind turbines on the roof. And enjoy the fresh air thanks to the rooftop gardens. And when the day's work is done, go upstairs and into bed for a good night's sleep.

This is a fun and educational set designed with both children and adults in mind. Kids can utilise the many play features as they learn about renewable energy while adults will enjoy the architectural aesthetics. The house concept is strong with modern ideas yet retains the classic Lego town look of elegant simplicity.

I have used black tiles for the solar panels as I assume these would be the cheapest solution. However other, more effective ideas for the solar panels may include trans dark blue tiles or printed/sticker pieces.

Thanks for looking at my Future Home. If you any questions please let me know.

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