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Jeopardy Stage Set

Today I bring you the Jeopardy! Stage set! This took me roughly about an hour, hour and a half to design, probably the quickest build I've done to date. It features the Jeopardy! board, the host's lecturn, and the 3 Contestant lecturns as well(notice I left the LED screens on the front of the lecturns blank as I can't include names or cash amounts.)

I built this as a way of honoring Alex after his recent passing. It was absolutely devastating when I saw the news, and I can only imagine what his family is going through. I don't know how the show will be the same without Alex. Growing up, watching the show from time to time, his voice and demeanor was what stood out to me, and is what kept me not only interested in watching but also what made me like the show the most. Him just being himself.

I feel this would make for a great Lego set, as a way of honoring the late Alex Trebek and the impact he made on this incredible game show. As well as a way to give fans of the show something to remember Alex by.

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