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Crayon Box

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The Crayon Box holds 22 different colored crayons and 35 extra crayon rod´s.
I only used the same 4 colors, green, red, blue and yellow for presentation only, due to beeing the only 4 i could make them with in LDD.
The box is just made in white, i could have used lots of colors and designs, and i have other design idea´s for the box too. but the main focus is on the concept of the crayons.

Heres how to make it. Ive used the green as an example.
Top blue square i show how to make the rod. it has to be made of crayon, it has the same size as if you put 4 Part#: 30374 Name: LIGHT SWORD - BLADE Color: 28 - Dark Green, in a row, but it has to be in 1 piece.
Buttom blue square, is illustrated how it functions, i added red and yellow for presentation only. As you can see, it will be possible to shortend the crayon by 1 round 2x2 plate at a time, aprox 2mm, untill it is as short as the minicrayon to the left in the square.
Yellow square. seen from the left, is how it will look without the modified end ( not recomendable due to it will breake the end of the rod easily. but in the middle 1, with the modified end, it will functin fully and look better. in case it wont be made, then the crayon to the right will be my choise.
Top light blue square is shown what bricks is needed for a crayon.
Buttom light blue square illustrated how to modify the NOSE CONE SMALL 1X1 WARM GOLD

Here is 4 different color designs shown, each with 4 different types of end piece.

In the blue field is an illustration of how the box function.
The many colored square is the 22 colors picked from LDD i would choose to use in the box. So you have lego build crayons, drawing in lego colors.

The rod box is an extra thing you can buy for the crayon set, as you run out of rods. then a box with 35 crayon rods can be the refill for it.

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