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Western Film Set


Make your own western LEGO movie with the Western Film Set!

The set comes complete with everything you need to set up some amazing western scenes:

  • Western-style bank building facade with demolishable wall
  • Precarious water tower
  • Get-away horse carriage
  • Bank vault
  • Cactus set pieces x2
  • Backdrop with western landscape
  • Minifigs: Sheriff, Bandit x2, Bank Manager
  • And three horses!

Plus all the gear you need to shoot the scene:

  • Vehicle mounted camera boom
  • Secondary camera
  • Sound gear
  • Lighting x2
  • Director's chair x2
  • Buffet table (making movies is hungry work!)
  • Minifigs: Director, Cameraman, Sound Guy

Best of all, the set comes with an adjustable holder for your phone or other recording device, so you can actually make some real movies.

The set has approximately 950 pieces.

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