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Hand Pallet Truck

Who wouldn't want to become a warehouseman in their own home?Everyone! (I think so ;) )
I created a pallet truck to make this dream come true.
I work in a warehouse and I noticed that there are very few Lego projects like this. After all, a pallet truck is one of the basic tools for working in such a place.

In my project, I reproduced its simple structure and an interesting system of lifting the forks with the sliding of the tandem wheels. This provides a solid support for the lifted load. The manual and agile steering system allows you to turn the pallet truck in very narrow areas. Appropriate selection of the length of the strings and liftrames allows you to lift a weight of 1000g using only one pneumatic actuator.

I think it will be a very interesting set. It looks very good on the shelf. Due to its large size, it also provides a lot of fun and joy through manual operation of this pallet truck and the attached pallet.

Functions & features:
  • big size
  • looks and works like a real one
  • manual control with pneumatic lifting system
  • large turning radius of 180 degrees
  • Includes one large pallet

Pallet truck dimensions:
length: 43cm
width: 17cm
height: 53.5cm

Load capacity: ~1000g

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