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It is cold, and a lot of snow fell from the sky. High time to clear the path and stairs. The animals need to be fed because fresh grass is hard to find in this season. The bushes are covered with snow and nearly break under its weight.

A nice chicken is roasted in the kitchen while some members of the family go about their chores outside. I am sure a nice hot cup of tea can be arranged for when they get back inside to warm up.



The model is made of 2800 bricks with a lot of 1x1 (round) plates. (I like the texture like this but the brick count could be reduced considerably by using bigger bricks.)

The first floor and the roof can be lifted. The groundfloor has a kitchen and small storage space. Upstairs is the livingroom. You may ask where the family sleeps, that would be the attic but that part is private :)

The animals, a moose and mountain goats, are not posable.



I hope you enjoy this little wintertime scene. Please considder support by pressing the blue button on the right and answer a few questions. Thank you for watching :)



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