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Gliding across the desert is Finn in his Desert Landspeeder. His Landspeeder is heavily armoured with guns on the front, a gun turret at the back and a big canon. It can fire in multiple directions at the same time. The Landspeeder has room for three minifigs: a pilot, a co-pilot and a gunner in the turret. 

The set features roughly 100 pieces, a lot of parts are the same so it's cheaper to make for Lego.

The set has 1 minifig: Finn.

The canon really works, it will shoot the red dart, you can rotate it 180 degrees.

The set has 4 stickers: on the front wings and on the cockpit.

The set is based on a set from Hasbro, built for their Star Wars Episode 7 line (see pics).

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