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School Bus (6-Studs Wide)


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What is it?
This is a school bus for LEGO City Schools.  This bus is 6-studs wide which would fit great on the new road plates that LEGO has released.  I tried to pack as much detail as possible into a small, but proportional build.  This bus has 383 pieces, is 8.8" long, 3.0" wide, 5.0" tall, and weighs 9.75 ounces.  Like many other 6-stud wide vehicles, the minifigures sit in the center of the bus. 

This bus has a number of great features including:
- 1 driver and room for 4 passengers. (If I tried to make room for more passengers, the bus would be too big to be an appropriate size for LEGO city roads.  I have seen school bus designs that are 8-studs wide or even 10-studs wide.  Even though they have more detail, they are much too big to look appropriate next to other LEGO vehicles in a LEGO city.)
- The roof and windshield come off as one complete section to allow easy access to the driver and passengers.
- The front hood opens to reveal the engine and related internal parts.
- The stop sign on the side of the bus can rotate out like on a real school bus.
- The side door and back door open. 
- There is storage for bags and other items under the bus.  It is accessible from both sides.
- There are no visible studs on the outside of the bus.  The only visible studs are on the inside of the bus on the chairs where the minifigures sit.
- There are a few custom prints in this set - the LEGO City Schools sign, the bus number 7, and the "School" signs on the top front and above the back door.

Why did you build it?
I built it for three reasons. First, given all of the other things going on in a LEGO city, it made sense to me that there should be a school bus on the road too. Second, I wanted to design a bus that was 6-studs wide and would look proportionally appropriate in relation to other LEGO vehicles. Third, I thought other LEGO fans would like to have this school bus in their city collection.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I think this would make a great LEGO set because this size of a school bus would be a perfect fit with other LEGO vehicles in a LEGO city. Also, all of the features mentioned above give this set great playability. This bus would appeal to LEGO fans of all ages - whether they are students themselves or older builders who can look back on their days riding the school bus.  Please support this bus and hopefully one day it will be driving through the streets of your LEGO city.

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