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(Netflix Original) Fuller House: The Tanner-Fuller House


"Everywhere you look (everywhere you go) There's a face of somebody who needs you... Everywhere you look!"

This set includes:
The Tanner-Fuller Living Room
Complete with the iconic staircase to the second floor, staircase nook, fireplace, couch and chairs!

The Tanner-Fuller Kitchen
Complete with the iconic 8 seat table, island counter, pantry/ laundry room and staircase to the basement!

This set is based on the Netflix Original series Fuller House! Growing up I watched reruns of Full House with my siblings, and I love Fuller House just as much! This is by far my favorite set I've ever made/ designed! The little details and iconic parts are what makes this set! If you love either show, please hit that support button and share this with your friends and family!

This set includes 13 Minifigures:

DJ Tanner-Fuller

Steve Hale

Jackson Fuller

Max Fuller 

Tommy Fuller jr

Cosmo The Dog

Kimmy Gibbler


Ramona Gibbler

Stephanie Tanner

Jimmy Gibbler

Danielli "Danni" Jo

This set has exactly 2399 pieces. Please support this and give me a follow. Stay tuned for more ideas and sets like this one!

As always this set was created using Lego Digital Designer!

Thank you!

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