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S.S. Starblazer


The voyager of Deep Space... Adventure is the schedule for the crew of the S.S. Starblazer. This spacecraft is a long-distance travelure used to discover new reaches of space. The ship can hold up to two or three crew members to guide the craft through the stars. The unique design is benificial for power and speed. The S.S. Starblazer is capaple of reaching the unknown reigons of space...

The S.S. Starblazer consists of several different spaceship technologies combined. When I created this set, I used different parts/ideas from some of my personal favorite ships and combined them all into one spaceship. It is easy to "handle" and makes a great addition to any spaceship collection. I enjoyed building this project and I hope that some day you can enjoy building it too.

Thank you for reading this far! With all of your support, this lego dream can become a lego reality. 


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