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Chinese Moon Cake Gift Box

Have you ever tried to eat the Chinese moon cake at the Mid-Autumn festival?
To celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival on August, 15th lunar, I designed a nice moon cake gift box with approximately 1700 Lego elements. The Mid-Autumn festival is one of my favorite Chinese festivals with many joyful activities such as reuniting with the family, enjoying tea and moon cakes, admiring the flowers and the moon, making and hanging colorful lanterns, and giving gifts. Besides, we listen to elderly people tell about the love stories and many magical legends of the Mid-Autumn festival which are quite interesting.

Based on my design, I have four moon cakes with different kinds of flavors (including pure lotus with 1 yolk, green tea with 1 yolk, black sesame with 1 yolk, and purple yam with 1 yolk) contained in the mooncake box. All these mooncakes can be opened in half pieces of cake, letting people see what the flavor inside is. They are very elegant and beautiful. It's good enough to send a celebration and a good message to people. I tried to apply color elements and techniques to make the model look more pleasing and interesting as well as give a great experience in the build.

My favorite part of the model is the Chinese pavilion which stands on the big moon cake base. The pavilion is a place for people to sit and enjoy tea, moon cakes, and the full moon. I'm happy to bring a small part of the architecture that appears on the moon cake festival box. Moreover, the interesting idea of the model is combining the sky lantern and water lantern to enhance creative skill. I believe that it's a great model because it is a nice gift for celebrating the moon cake festival and telling people what the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival is. Hope you like it! Feel free to leave the comments. Thank you!
Happy Chinese Mid-Autumn festival!

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