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Railjet Economy Class Car


The first part of my Railjet series is this economy class (2nd class) car. This may be the most typical wagon you can travel across Central Europe with, and it's part of one of the most popular trainsets. Currently as I know there aren't any purchasable trains like this, that’s why I uploaded it here, because I’m sure it would be a very popular LEGO set.

This car isn't worth so much alone, as I said before, this is one part of my series, there will be soon more carriages like the control car, the bistro car etc., and even the locomotive.

As always, I made this project in the same scale as my other projects, 1:31.25.

Considering its popularity on other platforms, such as Instagram, I hope it will reach the 10,000 votes soon and will be a real set with the other carriages you can assemble your own Railjet trainset from.


Total bricks: 2 281 pieces

Total length: 95 bricks (76 cm)

Total width: 12 bricks (9.6 cm)

Total height: 14 bricks (13.44 cm)

Scale: 1:31.25

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