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UCS Star Wars Saga J-Type Naboo Cruiser and N-1 Starfighters


In Star Wars: Episode 2, the first ships we see are the Naboo J-Type cruiser and its two escorts, Naboo N-1 Starfighters. Here, I provide you with all of these. With its huge wingspan and sleek design, the Naboo Cruiser is an item any minifigure would love to get their hands on.

The cruiser is made up of 987 bricks on LEGO Digital Designer. The largest Star Wars set sold by LEGO is the 10179 Millennium Falcon at 5195 pieces for $499.99. The Star Wars set with the most similar number of pieces was the 4504 Millennium Falcon at 985 pieces for $100.00. With an opening cockpit and lower deck, as well as working landing feet, this ship has massive playability.

Each N-1 Starfighter is made up of 139 pieces, adding to approximately 1265 bricks, not-including minifigures. The closest set to this was the 7965 Millennium Falcon (how many times will I mention this ship? lol) at 1254 pieces for $139.99. Each starfighter comes with an access port for their R-Series Droid (R2, R3, etc.), as seat for the pilot, a working photon cannon on bottom (with handle and trigger to allow easy playability).

I hope you like this set. If this comes out, it will be the first time the J-Type Cruiser has become an official LEGO set. Let's make history!

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