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Ryo - Pearl Tsunami

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Journey Into The Deep

The Pearl Tsunami is Ryo's mech, who is the mechanic of the team. He therefore needs a strong, reliable and well protected mech that allows him to survive in the battlefield. The Pearl Tsunami is the most poweful and well armoured mech in the entire arsenal of the team, and whilst it's mainly designed to carry supplies, medication and ammo to his comrades, it's got more than enough artillery to hold its own in a one-on-one fight. 

The Pearl Tsunami is a great addition to any LEGO collection. It stands over 27cm tall, contains 646 pieces, and features numerous cool features, including:

- 2 massive shoulder mounted rocket launchers

- Poseable limbs

- Rotating waist

- Adjustable wings and propeller thrusters

- Intricate build allowing for a fun building experience

You can see this project along with all my other projects from my three years as an automotive design student on my website:

I hope you like the model, and thanks in advance for any support and feedback. 



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