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Hypersonic Airliner


A sleek plane for minifigs who want to travel very far, extremely fast and so high that it is practically at the edge of space. Inspired by some of the most advanced jets from the real world.

The plane has many features:

  • Two groups of four jet engines for achieving insane speed
  • Comfortable seats for one pilot and four passengers
  • Removable cabin roof for easy access
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Cargo space for luggage
  • Movable wing control surfaces

The set also includes:

  • Two support vehicles (a fuel truck and a luggage transporter)
  • 7 minifigs: 1 pilot, 2 airport workers, 4 passengers with suitcases

The whole set contains 654 bricks. The plane would be about 40 cm (15 inches) long. I designed it both to have high play value and to look good on a shelf together with LEGO City models so it will be attractive for both children and adult collectors. I believe that such a high-tech plane would make the City Airport even more interesting. There is also a fuel truck with a ladder, fuel hose, walkie-talkie and fire extinguisher (just in case), and a small luggage transporter so that you can prepare the plane for the flight, fill up the tanks with special high-energy fuel and put the luggage in the hold. Of course you can use the ground vehicles with any other plane, they are all in minifig scale. What is more, this set contains a lot of parts with enough variety to build countless alternative models (planes, cars, spaceships or anything you imagine).

If you like this project, please support it, every vote counts on the way to 10,000. Anyway, thank you for your interest and I wish you all great building!

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