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Bugatti EB110 Lego Speed Champions


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Dear Lego Fans,

Here comes a re-edition of one of my previous Lego Speed Champions Project:

The mighty Bugatti EB110 from 1991

I was working on a significant update, when my previous EB110 project fell short of supporters. So I felt it was unfinished business and I wanted to publish this much more accomplished (and realistic) version

  • The Bugatti EB110 was one of the 90's greatest and most iconic supercars; It was highly technologically advanced for its time (carbon frame, 4-wheel drive), delivered an astonishing performance on the road thanks to its state-of-the-art 560 bhp engine and a had a stunning and very distinctive style (still very contemporary 25 years later)
  • Most importantly it revived the mythical Bugatti name, after more than 3-decades absence from the automotive industry
  • This car was launched in 1991 to celebrate the 110th birthday of Ettore Bugatti, the genius French engineer who created some of the most iconic (and also astronomically expensive) cars ever: the type 57 Atlantic (1 of my other Lego Ideas projects) and the Bugatti Royale


This model truly deserves a Lego tribute and I hope I have done it justice, keeping the Lego style as close as possible to the original model's and including lots of nice details outside and inside the cockpit (I particularly like the mix of chocolate brown leather and aluminum trim)

To give it a most accurate finish, I have also created few stickers on the Front-End, Windscreen and Tailgate.

I believe this is a nice looking, painstakingly accurate and, importantly, very playable set and hope you will also like it. If you do, please do share your support for this project!


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Finally, please stay tuned to my page – more exciting Lego Speed Champions projects are on their way!

Happy Bricking with Lego!

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