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Modular Lego Store


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I built this Modular Lego Store after watching how fast my Small Modular Lego Store gained 100 supporters.

This Modular Lego Store includes, a pick-a-brick wall, a counter with some bins to fill up with Lego bricks from the pick-a-brick wall, a counter, two build your own minifigure stations, some Lego sets on display, some Lego sets on the shelves, a small photo booth, and much more!

It also includes a staff room with a coffee machine, a small bathroom, and lots of boxes!

Some of the outside details are, an oversized Lego brick, a woman leaving the Lego store with a shopping bag, a small tree, and some trashcans in the back.

This model also includes 6 mini-figures, and 1 micro-figure.

I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have so, please tell me how I could improve this project in the comments section.

If you would like to have a Modular Lego Store in your collection, then please support, follow, and share!

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