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The Reconnaissance Spaceship

As a Lego fan I always loved to build spaceships, certain day I was building a spaceship, just using my imagination, and having certain ideas in mind that I wanted to feature in it, and then, this thing was created. The Reconnaissance Spaceship design takes inspiration from dragonflies, an insect that I really like, and also modern aircrafts. Besides that, the colors used in it are a nod to an old Lego set that I had has a kid, the creator "fast flyers" (4953), which some of his pieces are actually used to build this spaceship. I also took some inspiration from the classic space theme, but giving it a newer and fresher feel. The model has a bunch of play features, such has retractable landing skid, openable cockpit, movable side panels, where you can store some shooters, a back compartment that can be used to place some intems, and the propellers can be angled. It also includes a buildable alien.
I believe this would be a great set for space fans, like me, and it offers a great play value, but also is incredibly good looking on display.

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