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The Taskmaster and His Assistant

Who wouldn’t want the Taskmaster and his assistant in their own home, scrutinising their every move?

At the larger scale, Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne (together with the iconic thrones and trophy) provide an imposing presence, with Greg measuring approximately 35cm in height. With posable arms, legs and necks, these giant figures can be placed in different positions. Sitting on their ornate thrones, they are ready to pass judgement on all that they see. For those who are very unlikely to ever be contestants on the show, this is your best chance of getting your hands on the famous Taskmaster trophy! Also included are Alex’s tablet and Greg’s notes card.

This scene is then replicated at minifigure scale, including many of the same features at a more portable size.

Help to immortalise the Taskmaster and his assistant in Lego form. Your time starts now.

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