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Inspector Gadget Mobile


Never fear! Inspector Gadget is here! Bursting from the popular Inspector Gadget episodes (1983) is the Gadget Mobile! I was inspired to make this awesome model when I got three seasons on DVD and watched them. My friends and I love and enjoy watching the witty cyborg police clumsily outwit the evil Dr. Claw and his criminal organization of M.A.D., normally by accident. He is helped along by his intelligent niece, Penny, and his brainy dog, Brain. The Gadget Mobile itself features an opening back with flick glue missiles and an extending claw. It comes with the minifigures of Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain, who don't stand as stunning, but it's the best you can do with the pieces they give you. I thought this would be a neat model, as me, my friends, and thousands people love Inspector Gadget and his stunning car, so if you like Inspector Gadget as much as I do, please vote for this model! Happy building!!

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