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Transformer Station


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What does not need power these days ?
Especially all of our Lego and the great cities and models we make.

Hence my newest attempt to contribute to our fun with Lego.

The Transformer Station

Complete with a worker, his car and tools to go with it.

This model is out of my own mind and own pictures of a transformer station that i have gone out to take where i live. This is however a smaller version of how big the real world can look like. But to make it "Lego" friendly i have scaled it down to the classic 32x32 baseplate.
The model as shown, has a fine portion of different transformers, and a central main line that goes down in the ground and out to the consumer. It also has a small control building with a control panel and tools on the wall for any repairs needed.
But if that is not enough, the technician comes out to the spot with his own wan, which has a sliding tool rack, and a gas burner for the more bigger repairs.

All of this has a brick count of 592 bricks. And i have tried to make the build as easy as i could, while still maintain the feel and build of a real Transformer Station.

I hope you like it, and feel free to comment and look at my other projects i have submitted.

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