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Railway Crane, Goliath


Hi Lego Friends

During my investigation of photos regarding steam trains in the internet I found by change a lot of brilliant pictures of the Train Heavy Crane Type "Goliath" which at present is still in operating of the German Bundesbahn (DB-Deutsche Bahn). I was very excited of such a crane so that I started directly to build (it was in the last year) this type of crane also with all waggons with LEGO elements. Of course the major task was that such a model must be suitable in the scale 1:40/45 matching the LEGO train system and must be full in function.

The crane is equipped with three (3x) major winches which can be operated and locked via latch manually (main hook, auxiliary hook and lifting arm). The chassis (wheel set up 4 x 2) has been built in the width og eight (8) pins/nep, the base frame of the crane itself has been built in the width of six (6) pins/nep, the attachements or auxiliaries are enclosed in the width of seven (7) pins/nep.

To make sure that the model will drive smoothly over switch as well as within curves the fix point of the crane supports have been redesigned toward to the original design however, this small modification does not create any problems during main stroke lifting operation (no loss in stability).

All waggon are built in the width of six / seven (6/7) pins/nep.

In advance great thanks to all LEGO friends who support me, rg - Bernhard

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