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Go Go Power Rangers! Lego Megazord

Go go Power Rangers! This set is for all the giant robot fans and 90s kids out there!
Featuring the Megazord! From the 90s hit series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
The set includes a fulling transformable megazord.

The megazord can be separated into five zords:
• Mastodon
• Pterodactyl
• Triceratops
• Saber-tooth Tiger
• Tyrannosaurus

5 original power rangers minifigures are also included:
• Zack the Black Ranger
• Kimberly the Pink Ranger
• Billy the Blue Ranger
• Trini the Yellow Ranger
• Jason the Red Ranger

Megazord size: 18x 24x 33 cm/ 7x 9.5x 13” / 22x 30x 42 lego studs
Part count: 1156

If you want this Lego Megazord, then vote for the project by hitting the “Support” button~
Cheers! It’s morphin’ time!!
Which is your favorite zord/ ranger?
Should I make Dragonzord with Tommy Oliver green ranger minifigure?
Tell me in the comments

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